Coconut Milk Sticky Rice W/Mango (Dessert)

  • 3 Cups Black / White Sticky Rice (Glutinous)**
  • 3/4 Cup Palm Sugar or Brown Sugar
  • 4 Ripe Mango OR Peach
  • 2 Cups HandS Lite Coconut Milk
  • 2 Cups HandS Coconut Milk (Original)***
  • 1 tsp Table Salt
  • * Note: If both Black and White Rice is available – mix in equal ratio. Soaked white rice takes color from the black to turn a beautiful purple.
  • * Use HandS Coconut Cream for a richer taste.
  • * Rice has to be soaked overnight.
Optional Garnish
  • Mint or Asian Basil sprigs
  • Prep Time
    15 minutes
  • Cook Time
    50 minutes
  • Servings
    8 Servings
  • Products Used
    Coconut Milk

Rinse Rice in water till it runs clear of starch. Soak Rice in Lite HandS Coconut Milk, and leave to chill overnight in refrigerator (Minimum 3 hours of soaking is recommended). In a small pot combine soaked Rice, adding HandS coconut milk in 1:1 ratio and bring to boil on high, stirring briefly to make sure rice does not stick to bottom of pot. Reduce heat to low to maintain simmer, cover with lid and allow rice to simmer for about 25 minutes till it has absorbed all the Milk. Cooked rice will appear somewhat translucent, once done remove from the heat and set aside.

While rice is on simmer, prepare Coconut Milk recipe. Mix remainder of HandS Coconut Milk with Sugar & Salt, and bring to a simmer – be careful not to Boil. Once rice is done, turn it out into a Round/Oval Bowl and pour 1/2 of the prepared hot Coconut Milk. Stir well and let it cool for about 15 minutes to soak in all the flavor.

Peel the mango, then slice Mango flesh off from pit on both sides as cleanly as possible (Mango Pit is flat). Lay sliced Mango flesh on flat cutting board and cut lengthwise approximately to 1/2 inch wide long sticks.

Place prepared Sticky Rice in the shape of the Mound onto a plate, place cut Mango on side, top off with mint or basil. Serve with remainder of prepared Coconut Milk in small serving bowls to guests, that they can spoon on extra as they wish.

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