We have kept Spice & Salt to a minimal, understanding well that these can always be added - but never removed

Fresh grated coconut

Contains the pure White Coconut Meat/Flesh - finely grated. Good quality Virgin Coconut Oil is extracted from grated wet Coconut Kernel. This Calorie rich Coconut Kernel is extensively used in South-Asian culinary preparations, as a base for thick Gravies & Soups. Note: We have gone great lengths to bring You Fresh Grated Coconut Kernel, that can be stored at ambient room temperature – knowing well that freezing & then thawing products - always alter their organoleptic properties.


Fresh Grated Coconut

Ingredientstest : 100% Pure Grated Coconut Kernel

Fat : 7%

Available in : 200g, 500g, 1Kg

Nutrition : 90 Calories Per Serving (40g)