Fresh Grated Coconut

How does it smell/taste so good, and look so much better than the competition we are often asked – simple, just don’t add anything bad!

Fresh Grated Coconut

The absolute pride amongst all of Our creations and a true pinnacle of success in the Coconut World, is Our offering of the Fresh Grated Coconut in a pantry friendly (can be stored at room temperature) form. Absolutely 100% Chemical and Preservative free, this Gem was created using a unique sterilization process that efficiently neutralizes bacteria, rendering the product a long shelf life – that can be stored at ambient room temperature. Pure Coconut Milk is efficiently extracted from wet Grated Coconut, further grated coconut is directly used to garnish rice and gravy preparations.


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Fresh Grated Coconut

White Coconut Meat that is washed, cut & finely shredded is called Grated Coconut. HandS ‘Fresh Grated Coconut’ is a pioneering product, that is 100% All-Natural, completely free of any form of Additives / Chemicals / Preservatives or Artificial Coloring – and one that can be stored at Room Temperature. This Pantry / Travel Friendly pack is ultra-convenient whose usages are infinite – used to thicken gravies & soups, extract coconut milk, or make recipes like Chutney!

Ingredients : Fresh Grated Coconut

Fat : 9 g

*** Sizes offered : 200gms, 500gms & 910gms

Nutrition : 125 calories per serving